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SM PRODUCTIONS provides full sound system for Events of all types (Bands and DJ's). We have a power amplification up to 6000 watts. We work with a team of 4 people including the Sound Engineer depending on the size of the event and event needs.


-High Density 6000 watts  4 channel  Power    Amplifier
-16 Channel / Premium 22 Input / Xenix Mic  Preamps  & Compressor Mixer
-9 Insert Outlet  Rackmount Power supply with  protected switch
-2 (2000 peak watts)  Main Speakers
-4 (1000 peak watts)  Floor Monitors
-Tripods for speakers
-50 foot Speaker cables
-Vocal Mics  (Sennheiser/Sure Brand)
-Instrument  Mics  (Sure Brand)
-1 Floor Tom Mic

-1 Floor Tom Mic Stand
-1/4 Inch lineout cables
-DI Boxes (Direct Input)  
-100ft  XLR Snake
-XLR Cables / ¼ Inch Cables
-Mic Stands